gardenMost people think doing landscaping all by themselves would cost so much less than hiring a professional. Believe it or not, though, the truth is that a poorly designed landscape actually costs just as much as one put together by a professional landscaper. Of course, if you are willing to spend a considerable amount to create the garden of your dreams, it is always a better idea to go with a professionally designed garden.

Here are some of the biggest landscaping mistakes that might just leave your home looking unsightly:

Using Oversized Plants

It is all about selecting the perfect plant for the landscape—this means you need to consider the type of plant for a specific location. A plant should fit the space even when it reaches its maximum height and diameter. If the plant grows too large, you will have to prune it to fit, which leads to spoiled foliage, flowers, and sometimes fruit.

Messy and Mismatched Planting

Landscaping does not look good if everything looks simple, but it can also become an eyesore if there is too much. This is especially true if your design incorporates a lot of colours that only make the garden look messy and mismatched. According to Oakleigh Manor, the colour wheel will help with putting together a palette for the garden’s design.

Missing Bed Edge

Are you reluctant about hanging a painting with no frames on a wall? Do you feel awkward when you forget to put on a belt? The same is true in gardening –there are elements that should have an edge to look separated from one another.

Most homeowners often forget the importance of putting an edge where the turf meets the bed. Remember, mulch kicked out onto a clean pathway looks unsightly.

There are surely many things you have seen in other gardens, that if were yours, you would have done differently. It always pays to get a professional to do it instead, so you can finally achieve the garden of your dreams.