customer service representative workingThere are things that you don’t need to update. Your taste in music, for instance, is one of them. However, when it comes to your working space, failure to keep up with the latest trends can cost you big time. The business world changes first, and you need to change with it to stay ahead of the competition. If the following is true of your office, then you need to take action right now.

Your furniture is old and drab

Your furniture, perhaps more than any other thing in your office, affects the productivity of your staff. Unless your employees are comfortable, they’ll be distracted, and their levels of productivity and motivation are bound to take a dip. Consider swapping those dreary, tired chairs and tables with trendy, comfy office workstations available in outlets around you.

You’re still using a projector

There was a time when projectors were the best means of giving presentations. That was last century. If your conference room still has a projector, then there’s a major problem. Your competitors have moved on to better technology that enhances business presentation, and so should you. Upgrade to screen displays that let people share their computer screens and do a lot more.

Your customer service is offered on the phone only

Do you love sitting and holding on the phone to talk to a customer representative? Well, your customers don’t, no matter how cool you think your hold music is. The modern client prefers doing things much more quickly. Providing customer service on the computer through a live chat feature is much better. Customers would rather wait for a while browsing than sit and hold a call.

Out-of-date furniture, last century technology, and stale customer service are the hallmarks of a business that’s quickly falling behind in time. By transforming these aspects of your company, you can bring your company, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.