Severe burns in a women's feetUrgent care services are crucial in providing immediate healthcare management to patients who suffered from recent trauma and injuries. Since early first aid treatment significantly improves disease prognosis, it is vital to know the clinic nearest you.


Burns are common causes of accidental injuries, especially in the pediatric population. These frequently occur as scald burns that are characterized by skin injury upon contact with extremely hot liquids. Although the skin barrier consists of thick cells, high temperature may destroy the superficial lining that protects the inner tissue surface. Hence, you may experience severe discomfort, increased skin sensitivity, and tingling sensation in the affected area of the skin.

Urgent care facilities in Lehi offer first aid treatment to reduce contamination, prevent irritation, and reduce pain and swelling.


Whiplash is an injury that frequently occurs during vehicular motor accidents. It occurs due to a sudden change in force and velocity that results in the strain of the muscles and surrounding tissues of the neck. You may also experience an intractable headache, dizziness, arm weakness, and jaw pain.

You will undergo imaging tests to determine the location and severity of the injury. Your physician would then manage your case based on the findings of imaging. Pain relievers will also be given based on pain severity to reduce disability and improve quality of life.

Severe cough

A persistent cough is a prevalent symptom that causes chest heaviness, shortness of breath, and difficulty in sleeping. It may occur due to an acute asthma attack, bronchitis, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Clinics focus on determining the cause of a chronic cough to provide immediate relief of symptoms.

Urgent care services include laboratory exams and diagnostic imaging tests to provide holistic management of injuries. If you are experiencing severe pain, discomfort, and disability from your illness, it is crucial to visit an urgent care facility right away.