People in coworking spaceIn recent years, more employed professionals are discovering the advantages of working as a freelancer. At the same time, a higher number of freelancers are also realising that working at home is not always an ideal setup. Therefore, we have seen the rise of many co-working spaces, which offer the best of both worlds.

If you’re planning to franchise a co-working area for your team, here are three reasons to present on why these types of shared offices work.

1. You can save on overhead costs.

Say, you’re a startup business. While many take inspiration in startup success stories about companies born in a garage, it’s not always the best setup when it comes to productivity. Instead of renting a small office space and paying a huge overhead cost, why not rent a space in shared offices for your 4-man team? This way, you just pay for the time and space you need.

2. You can offer your workers flexibility and promote work-life balance.

In this time and age, a work-life balance is more important than monetary bonuses at work. While you can always offer your people flexible working areas, some studies prove how a change of environment can help improve productivity. Apart from allowing your workers to work from home, you can offer working in a shared office space.

3. You can meet interesting people.

When you work in a co-working space, you’ll never know who you get to meet each day. You may be co-working with a young CEO of a startup or a veteran CPA or even a famous social media influencer catching up on some backlog work. Think of all the networking opportunities and the new business deals and freelance projects you can generate.

4. Invest in a Co-Working Space

If you’re thinking of a new business investment, consider opening a franchise shared office. This way, you can benefit from all the business contacts you can get and offer people the work-life balance they need.