Soldiers in SingaporeThe Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps is the Lion City’s way to put more boots on the ground and tap all of its previously unused human resources to boost its military.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody: the country gets to strengthen its manpower to fill all the roles that need to be played in the force, and anyone not liable to National Service gains the chance to serve the country the noblest way possible.

While military life usually paints a picture of a strict lifestyle in the mind, there’s a number of good reasons to enlist in the Volunteer Corps than remaining a civilian.

Short Training Period

The Volunteer Corps is only required to undergo just four weeks of training before performing their specific roles in the military for up to 14 days for a minimum of three years.

You only have to spend a month of your life to learn the basics of military and familiarise yourself with everything there is to know about the Singapore SAF.

For many people, a four-week period isn’t much of a sacrifice to be a part of the Armed Forces. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be gone for a whole month, you can choose to take modular courses over a series of weekends for your convenience.

Flexible Choices

Once you become deployed, you wouldn’t be stuck to a vocation that doesn’t interest you. You’re free to switch and perform another role if you wish.

This form of flexibility makes the Volunteer Corps an even more attractive career path. It doesn’t just allow you to thrive in your field of speciality and grow, but also lets you expand your horizons.

In addition, you can drop in training or quit the SAFVC for good as you please. As long as you inform the commander in advance, you wouldn’t have any problem leaving.

Lifelong Skills

Everything you’d learn during your stint in the Volunteer Corps would be with you forever. The military offers a unique experience you could find useful for the rest of your life. According to, you’d never lose what you’d pick up from the Singapore SAF.

This uniformed service scheme is a welcome opportunity for women, new citizens and first-generation permanent residents without a doubt. Whether you want to give back to Singapore and be a role model to other people, volunteering to the SAF is a noble and worthwhile gesture.