bikeYour random afternoon stroll around the park is entirely different from a long bike ride. You need to ready your body and mind to survive your first extreme bike ride.

Before you take on the Nuvali bike trail, for instance, make sure to come prepared, with an energized body and trained leg muscles. Don’t go out on the field without a strong arsenal of energy sources and training.

To help you with your first long bike ride, here are top three secrets:

1. Fuel up your body with carbs and proteins.

As you’re about to use up your energy, it is essential to eat the right meals to survive your first long bike ride.

Studies suggest that eating lots of carbs could increase your glycogen, a type of stored carb that helps sustain energy and endurance. Chow down on some good sources of carbohydrates like pasta and fruits to keep you active. Eat them the night before your ride, so your body would have enough time to process them — turning the good carbs into energy sources.

For your protein boost, munch on a few whole-wheat bagels and a dish of lean meat. Make sure to get your protein fix the night or morning before the ride.

2. Ride a lot before your main bike ride.

Doing some cycling weeks or even months before your main ride event can keepyour body energized and primed. Allow your body to have a sense of familiarity to muscle stress, long stretches and non-stop riding. This can increase your endurance while reducing your tendency to breakdown. Gradually develop an improved cycling fitness before your main ride.

3. Get some restful training.

This doesn’t mean sitting in front of the television while eating home-made popcorn. After your daily cycling rounds, take good naps to help your muscles recover. Maintain a balanced diet and increase your vitamin intake. Don’t stress your muscles too much, so you could have renewed energy for your first long ride.

Would you rather experience interrupted cycling events than have a smooth, no-frills ride? Don’t wait to experience losing your breath or energy during the ride. Prepare your body and mind, so you can keep a comfortable pace and finish the trail.