People working at a stock exchangeIn your thirties, you are probably already settled in your career and are looking to make a few financial moves. You may still be paying off your student loans, taking care of your children and probably thinking of buying one of the new homes for sale in Olathe.

The great news, and Rodrock Development will agree, is that you have time on your side. By making the following smart moves, you can start to reap huge dividends by the time you are 40.

1. Pay small debts first

You’ve probably already heard that you should pay off your high-interest credit cards first. Well, it turns out that it’s actually much better to start with the smaller debts first.

Why? Well, tackling smaller debts gives the psychological boost you need to keep paying down your debt. So sweat the small stuff first, and you’ll soon be on your way to erasing your debt.

2. Invest in stocks

If the financial crisis took a toll on you, then it’s likely that you still don’t feel comfortable investing in stocks. A significant number of people in their thirties don’t either.

However, historically, a portfolio in stock has never lost money over a period of two decades. Actually, each year, stocks experience a double-digit gain. All it takes is choosing your investment wisely.

3. Stay fit

If you are already married, it’s possible that you are already settling in a sedentary lifestyle now that you are in your thirties. Be careful, though. Once you lose your fitness, it’s really a long way back.

So avoid stacking too much weight and embrace an active lifestyle. If you are not careful, you’re going to have to deal with a host of expensive health issues by the time you hit 40.

At 30, you still have the chance to accomplish your dreams. By working hard for it, you can go on to see those dreams come true ten years from now.