New York City Manhattan midtown aerial panorama view with skyscrapers and blue sky in the day.New York City is one of the best cities to visit in the country, but the same-old attractions may be wearing you down. But there is more to NYC than the iconic Central Park. The city has a lot more to offer to local and foreign visitors.

Start looking for cheap flights from South Bend, Indiana to the Big Apple and prepare for your visit to the following attractions.

City Hall Station

Chandeliers and vaulted tile ceilings – who would have thought you’re in a subway station in NYC? This is the City Hall Station where the first subway train operated. It lasted for 41 years after the inconvenience and longer trains caused a decline in the number of passengers.

The good news is you can still experience it since it is a turnaround for line six. You can also sign up for a New York Transit Museum membership. For only $60, you can have unlimited visits and take a tour of the station.


BLDG 92 is actually the Navy Yard Center located in Brooklyn. While it is a site of eclectic shops and businesses, as well as industry workshops, it is also historical. It played an active role during World War II, particularly in building the USS Arizona and employing over 60,000 people. Joining a public tour for $30 will take you to the Civil War dry dock, among others.

Harlem Choir

NYC is definitely more than food; it’s also about entertainment. But if you’re tired of listening to jazz, how about listening to the Harlem Gospel Choir? You don’t even have to go to church. You can dine at BB King’s Blues Club from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. every Sunday if you want to hear the famous 65-member group.

Elevated Acre

No, NYC isn’t just a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. It actually has multiple pocket gardens and oases tucked in between the skyscrapers – or above one. The Elevated Acre in the Financial District is a one-acre garden that includes an amphitheater and sweeping views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the ferry terminals.

What are you waiting for? Plan your unique itinerary today, buy the ticket, pack your bags, and enjoy a unique NYC experience soon!