Friends on a roadtripSo you and your friends are thinking of a trip, and you’ve been entrusted with the huge responsibility of organising everything. Well, the task seems overwhelming at first, but with these tips, you can pull it off and treat your friends to the trip of their lifetimes.

Get the transportation bit sorted out

Assuming you’ve already settled on a destination, the next important thing you should do is plan how you’re going to get around. Since you’re travelling as a group, one of the most exciting and affordable ways is using one vehicle. You can opt for a bus for hire in Sydney. Choose a bus that’s big enough for the whole gang.

Get a good place to stay

This is another critical step when planning a trip. Find out about hotels or camping sites in the area you’re planning to visit. Compare rates and choose the best, depending on the packages on offer. If you want to save the most, then consider booking in the offseason. Prioritise comfort and security when choosing accommodation.

Find places to eat

If the hotel you’re going to be staying in does not provide food for clients, then you’re going to need a place with the capacity to prepare enough food for you and your fellow travellers. Arrange with the facility early enough, or find out about places in the area that usually allow people to order ready food at the counter.

Pre-plan activities

With transport, food and accommodation sorted out, now’s the time to think about all the activities you plan to experience during the trip. Find out about group tours available and pick the appropriate ones. Decide on which places you are going to visit when. Find out the cost of every activity too and align it with your preset budget.

Planning a group tour can be fun if you go about it systematically. With precision and organisation, you should come up with an itinerary that will give everyone an amazing experience.