Bathroom with frameless shower
Your bathroom is the place in your home where you start and finish your day. Therefore, having a beautiful, clean and relaxing bath improves your chances of having a great day ahead greatly. If you’re planning some chic but inexpensive makeovers for your bathroom, here are some style suggestions.

Install frameless glass showers

Frameless glass showers quickly transform the look and feel of your bathroom into that of a luxurious spa. This modern, fashionable addition is also less stressful to clean and maintain compared to typical framed showers. Contact a company that installs frameless showers from United Glass in Auckland today and see how one can quickly upgrade your space.

Add some floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to increase the storage space in your bathroom without making it look too stuffy. What’s more advantageous is that you can modify floating shelves to fit the available space you have. With an open scheme, you can easily reach for the things you need. No need to guess what’s on the shelves.

Add a frame to your mirrors

A framed mirror adds a touch of elegance to any space, especially the bathroom. There are many easy-to-install frames you can buy at the hardware store to suit your bathroom’s décor, or you can go the DIY route and make use of the things you have around the house.

Add a monogram to your towels

It’s one of the best ways to personalise your bathroom. Monogrammed towels are chic and trendy, and you can do them yourself. Don’t like monograms? You can personalise your towels by adding your name.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today!

There are more simple ways to improve your bathroom without busting your budget for the year. If you’re in the process of making simple home upgrades, consider these tips so you can enjoy your bath time all the more.