Garden PlantsPeople admire houses for two main reasons: appearance and functionality. Mmost owners prefer enhancing the interior more when building a house. What they do not realise is that the exteriors should be pretty much the same. That is why some homeowners hire professionals to do their garden landscape.

Not all plants are suitable for all gardens. You have to consider the geographical location and the weather in the specific place before you place it. According to, aim to maximise the potential of your space and develop it with beautiful designs. Landscapes include walkways, fittings, and lighting. Nevertheless, the main attraction of the garden is the set of plants you use.

Have a Variety, But in Uniform

Don’t settle for one kind of plant, unless it is an accent piece. Always place clusters of similar plants in odd numbers. For example, use seven pots of the same plant and place them together in one area. These will provide colour, design and texture uniformity whilst avoiding confusion for those who will be seeing it.

Match the Plant with a Specific Area

When placing a plant by the windows, make sure it’s low-growing and does not crawl. This avoids blocking your view whenever you look through the windows. Small shrubs are practical for this purpose. Never place a plant where it does not fit. Know how it looks like when it grows to avoid mismatching.

Use as Alternative Fences or for Privacy

If you want to block the view of a certain area in your garden, choose trees or shrubs with small but bountiful leaves. These are great for enhancing your privacy or as an alternative to fences. Just make sure these are sturdy enough to avoid people and pets from running through it. Moreover, look pick the ones that grow in the right size – not too low, not too high. Observe uniformity in your plant fences, as well.

Select a Plant with Other Purposes

Choose plants for your walkways that do not grow tall and bend over. These can cause blockage to people when they pass by. You can plant tall trees and use them as a shade for the pathway. If you have a wide space in the garden, you can place the tree there and complement it with a set of garden table.

To make your landscape beautiful, you have to put in some effort. Do not just pick a plant and place it somewhere. It is better if you will draw it out before you start digging and placing pots all over the garden. Remember, gardens should always look fresh.