a review screen on a phoneBy definition, the word “review” means to examine something with the possible intention of establishing change. And that’s what most product reviews do. When you go to any online store and browse their products, you’ll always find a section for it. And whether you admit it or not, reviews influence the way you make your purchases. Freedomticket.com believes that you can even use the reviews of a product’s competitor to your advantage. Here are the top 3 reasons you should start reading them, too.

1. To find out if the product has the features you need.

If you need a pair of headphones with a mute switch, for instance, that function may not be shown in the main picture or mentioned in the product description. There may be people who were also looking for that mute switch but didn’t find it and wrote a review.

2. To know the best ways to use the product.

By way of example, coffee makers only come with one kind of filter. Reviews may suggest that you can use other filters with it depending on how the beans were ground. These things may not be mentioned in a product’s information page and might only be found out through customer’s reviews.

3. To find out how the product worked for others.

You may have bought hair dye that didn’t give you the color result that you wanted. Going back to its review will help find out if the same thing happened to other buyers or if you were doing something wrong.

Having a product delivered to your doorstep just to find out that it’s the wrong size or doesn’t have the feature you need will just be a hassle and could make you lose interest in the product altogether. Make it a habit to read reviews before hitting that “Buy Now” button and get more satisfaction from your online buying experience.