water pumpMan does not live on bread alone; he needs water, too. For this reason, it is important to ensure that every water system in your house works perfectly. This will let you live at peace knowing your entire household is always secure when it comes to water needs. Fight off the drought with your own pump.

Read on for tips on choosing the best cooling tower pump tank for your home.

How to Choose the Right Water System

There are a number of things to look into when it comes to choosing a water system. This includes horsepower or watts; heads, pressure, and flows; automatic or manual pump; stainless shafts; and warranty and spare parts. Make sure to check all these carefully to avoid any regrets later on.

Power Rating

The power rating, horsepower or watts, indicates how much electricity the pump consumes when you use it. A normal light bulb consumes 60 watts, so this means you use 6 extra light bulbs if you choose a 1100-watt pump. Don’t just buy a pump with more horsepower or watts, as it requires using more electricity and therefore results in bigger expenses for you.

Heads, Pressure, and Flows

When deciding on the head, pressure, and flow, remember that the head may simply define any resistance to the pump’s flow. Every pump also has a flow chart and it depends on the backpressure or head. In addition, a 2-storey house will require a higher head that lets less flow of water.

Automatic or Manual Pumps

A manual pump maybe the cheapest but is the least convenient of the pump package types. With an automatic pump, it depends on your pressure tank and whether you use it in electronic loss of prime or when running a dry switch.

Choose a pump with a stainless shaft and high corrosion resistance. Go for items with at least 12-months warranty. In terms of installation, placing a water pump at home differs with how you do it for businesses.