Cleaning the carpetCarpets, among other items in your home, can be difficult to clean. You have to employ different cleaning methods to deal with spills, crumbs, pet fur, pet urine and a host of other carpet contaminants. When you use the right method, you may reduce the effort it takes to clean your home, and ensure the health and safety of your family around carpets.

Here is a quick guide:

Deal with Fur

Pet hair on your carpet? You can simply retrieve a pair of dish-washing gloves. With the gloves on, you can wipe your hands over the carpet. The pet fur will stick to the rubber nubs of the gloves. To dispose of the fur, dip your gloves in a bucket of water, allowing the fur to float to the surface. You can then simply gather the fur and throw it away.

Clean Stains or Spills

For stains and spills on your carpet, you may have chosen a carpet cleaning products in the past. But these can be toxic chemicals. You can make your own carpet cleaning solution: mix 2 tablespoons of salt, 1 cup of white vinegar, 15 drops of essential lavender oil and 2 cups of water. You can apply the solution to any stain or spill, let it dry and vacuum to clean it up.

Risks of DIY

For thorough cleaning of your carpet, you may feel like resorting to DIY methods to save up on money. Experts discourage such methods as you risk over-wetting your carpet. Over-wet carpets can grow mould and acquire a musty odour. Water and brown stains can mark the back of the carpet. In the worst cases, your carpet can crack and shrink.

When you need thorough carpet cleaning, you can rely on home cleaning services here in Auckland. Professional cleaners have the equipment and training to clean your carpet thoroughly. To ensure quality cleaning, you can look for cleaners with certification and who offer written guarantees.

With the guide above, you can have an easier time cleaning your carpets. You can reduce the time it takes to clean your home, and still keep everything tidy.