considering cosmetic dentistryA whiter set of teeth means higher confidence. As it’s what most people see when you smile or talk, many find it important to have a set of pearly whites. Fortunately, many whitening procedures are available to help you achieve this.

Here are some examples:

In-Office Teeth Whitening

This takes place in cosmetic dentistry clinics where a dentist uses their preferred teeth whitening method to patients. They use stronger whitening agents compared to tooth-bleaching kits, though, but they may assure that these won’t do harm to your mouth and gums. It’s also ideal for those with tooth sensitivity, as they have the expertise to deal with such conditions.

By undergoing this treatment, the colour of your teeth may brighten in just an hour. This may last for a year or more, depending on how you’ll take care and maintain the teeth.

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Also known as home tooth whitening systems, these are easy to use and are available commercially for an affordable price. Some examples include whitening gels and strips, which are peroxide-based gels that you need to apply on the teeth’s surface.

Those who had in-office teeth whitening recently may use this to maintain the bright shade of their teeth. OTC products are safe to use, but if you have any oral concern, you should ask a general or cosmetic dentistry expert if these are safe.

Toothpaste and Rinses

The traditional way to whiten teeth, toothpaste with chemical agents specifically for whitening may lighten your teeth by one shade. It doesn’t contain bleach, and the whitening process is slower unlike other whitening treatments. Mouth rinses usually freshens breath, reduce dental plaque, and prevent gum disease. Some also have whitening agents, like hydrogen peroxide.

Confidence brings people to success, and it can start with your teeth. Try these treatments to achieve brighter pearly whites.