newly built housesThe search for a new home can be a long and exhausting one. Chances are, your search will take you hopping from one old house to another. Most home searches are often narrowed down to a single question: Do you buy a newly built house or should you choose to buy a resale house?

While buying a classical looking home for resale does have its own appeal, newly built homes are much more practical. They offer a lot more and it would be safe to assume that they will last longer. Here are some of the most common reasons potential homebuyers choose newly built homes over resale:


The search for a dream home becomes longer and much less of an exciting prospect when you have to choose from other people’s designs and layouts. When you opt for newly built houses, you can choose a floor plan and layout that can better suit your needs.

Structural condition

Homes that are bought new need little to no repairs, thus call for lesser maintenance in the near future. They are much more structurally sound than older existing houses.

Better designs

Unless you are going for the traditional look, you are better off buying newly built homes. Newer homes come with modern facilities and designs that are more suited to modern living.

Better facilities

Brisbane-based home builder Ownit Homes explains that most newly built houses today come complete with lavish facilities for the entire community. This offers would-be homeowners with luxuries that they can enjoy with their families such as community pools, clubhouses, sports facilities, and other conveniences.

When you buy a new home, you get more chances of landing the design that is exactly the way you envisioned your dream home. You never know what problems an older home you bought for resale could have in store until you move in. With newly built homes, what you see is what you get. In addition, you get to be the first to fill the house with memories.