Kids with floaters in swimming poolAuckland Council and Drown Prevention Auckland urge the public to be extra careful when using home pools during this summer season, amid some case of drowning among children.

Linda Cooper, chair of the council’s regulatory committee, said that parents and guardians should supervise their kids when playing in backyard pools. For added safety, residents should consider installing glass pool fencing for Auckland homes.

Parental Supervision

Prevention Auckland CEO Davin Bray agreed with Cooper’s comments, adding that children should not be left unsupervised, even if they are only using inflatable pools. Bray described active supervision in a way that allows adults to see and reach for children easily without any distractions.

Those who take care of several children without other adult companions should be extra careful. It only takes at least 20 seconds for a child to drown, Bray said. For instance, the time you spend going back inside the house to answer a phone call already creates a gap in supervision. Hence, you need to think how to manage children at the same time you take care of other household matters.

Safety Tips

Water Safety NZ said that 82 people had drowned so far in 2017, compared to 69 in the previous. In Auckland, drowning incidents reached 25 cases, yet Water Safety NZ said that 22 of them were avoidable.

Aside from active supervision, there are other ways to make sure children are safe. Set rules that children will easily understand such as only swimming when an adult accompanies them. Parents should also learn how to conduct CPR for toddlers.


These safety tips are not meant to discourage people from spending a relaxing time by the pool. Instead, it aims to inform parents about the importance of being responsible. Water-related accidents happen all the time, but take note that most of them are preventable.