danceAs a growing kid, musicals and similar productions work their wonders on you, and Hollywood means almost everything.

When you were still wearing pink tutu dresses, or even when you were in your pajamas, the entertainment industry was already a paradise of wild dreams and high hopes. It has served your fascination well.

After a couple of years in arts school, you know you’re ready to follow the footsteps of Hollywood’s best female dancers. You should, however, remember that making it to Hollywood is more than just any of your dance auditions.

According to, you need to secure an o-1 visa — the working visa for foreign performing artists and individuals with extraordinary abilities in the fields of sciences, arts, athletics, education and business. To successfully acquire a working visa, you need to qualify for several criteria.

Stable Employment in the U.S.

Finding a petitioner or an employment sponsor is vital. Before applying for a visa, make sure to have an employer who’s ready to welcome you. The working visa permits artists to enter the U.S. to “perform temporary services for a U.S. employer for an event or events requiring your expertise.”

Apart from a direct employer, you can also establish connections with a manager, producer, or an organizer who contributes to your petition.

Solid Evidence of Achievements

Hollywood is a long ways. Before you reach it, you have to build your credentials. Make your way to the top by completing academic courses and getting internationally recognized awards, such as The Oscars or perhaps a Nobel Prize. You can present your past contracts and press releases and news articles that involve the projects where you have played a major role. Gather videos and posters of your previous productions, which can be your ticket to your dreamland.

An Advisory Opinion

To qualify, the procedure requires an “advisory opinion” form a union or appropriate peer group. The document should confirm the nature of your job, your credentials and other qualifications that can boost your application. If no appropriate union exists for your expertise, get an advisory opinion from an expert in your field.

The authorities have denied almost 90% of o-1 visa petitions because of mistakes and missing information. Don’t let miscalculations of fees, poor planning, and rushed preparation crush your dreams into dust. Make your dream happen by simply following regulations and completing the requirements.