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The Basics of Silver Coin Care

If you are planning to diversify your investment, you might want to venture into coins and bullion. And when it comes to this option, silver can be one of your best bets. Sure, your gold is valuable, but silver has its own market whose buyers highly prize

The 5 Cs of Diamonds

Before purchasing, selling, or pawning a diamond, it's good to be familiar with the value of that clear, precious stone first. Here’s how a diamond’s value is determined. It’s more than just the carats. The 5-Cs of Diamonds Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Certification. These are the

3 Ways a Piggyback Loan Has Your Back

As lenders in Utah are becoming less conservative these days, it’s not unusual to come across a piggyback loan. In a nutshell, it’s a combination of two mortgages – first and second – to split the loan amount and possibly enjoy a blended rate. The first one

3 Home Decoration Hacks For Those on a Tight Budget

You can turn a house into a home through the décor. When budget is tight, however, interior elements like decoration become luxuries most homeowners choose to do without. It leaves for a bland, generic living space that isn’t very inviting or relaxing. You can decorate your home

3 Ways to Transfer Your Legal Property Title

Buying any kind of property involves completing the necessary documents. This process is there to make sure that the seller will transfer the rights to you. They won’t have any say anymore about how you’ll use or maintain the property – whether you’re going to live in

Revealed! 4 Secrets in Buying a Home without Going Broke

Buying real estate is a big deal. Smart as it may be for a purchase of investment, property is not something everyone has the financial capacity for at all times. For first-timers, the idea of making such a huge purchase can be excessively overwhelming. As a matter

Are Serviced Apartment Investments Worth Your Money and Time?

Travelling is part of life. Whether for leisure or work, people need a good place to stay. Not everyone has the budget to stay in hotels for too long, however. Fortunately, there are accommodations that accept long-term stays and let their guests feel at home. Instead of

5 Unusual Ways To Get Quick Cash

People need quick cash for various reasons. Some have to pay the rent, while others need to book a plane ticket immediately. They see the challenge as something bigger than it really is because they tend to stick with the ordinary ways of getting quick bucks. You

The Secret of Great Civilisations

The importance of accounting in any successful venture can’t be overstated. This fact was most clearly demonstrated when Hernando Cortes travelled to the new world; on his infamous expedition, he brought horses, soldiers, and his accountant Alonso de Avilla. Cortes named Avilla as the first mayor of