Car accidentCar accidents are never good. They are traumatic and stressful to handle, but if our backs are perfectly rested on the car seat, why is it that they acquire the worst injuries and sustain the worst of consequences.

With nearly 1.3 million casualties from a car accident, and 20-50 million getting injuries from it every year. In addition, injuries left unattended without professional advice or attention may lead to death.

While it all depends on the intensity and magnitude of the crash, your whole body suffers; however, the most delicate part of your body will suffer the most—the spine.

Despite its purpose of keeping your structure strong and proper, it houses your spinal cord that is in charge of the central nervous system of the body.
You can say that your backbone is literally the most important part of your body, with 24 vertebrae working together to protect the spinal cord.

So how exactly does a car accident damage your back and lead to a series of back pain that only worsens over time?


This is the mother of all back injuries. And depending on the severity of each case, the injury is just as severe, or some times even more so. Which is why it is imperative for you to get proper therapy for your whiplash injury ASAP.


Yes, your neck is part of your back and the most vulnerable part of it since it is what directly connects your whole body to the brain. If the whiplash is too strong, the brain’s function may suffer for it, and your body as well, since it’s where every sensory receptor passes through.


This is where back pains occur, and posture plays an important role in. With a good posture, you’d be lucky to not have major trauma, on your sides that can crush your ribs and cause internal bleeding.

Lower Back

Sitting in a position prone to lower back trauma may lead to immobility or lower body paralysis. More often than not however, it is irreversible.

While there more factors than posture and sitting position in whiplash injuries, it is important to keep in mind that seeking medical attention should be your first priority.