engagement ringsEvery man who intends to settle down with the woman of his dreams must go through the nerve-wracking experience of popping the question. Planning the whole thing and actually proposing can be overwhelming, which is why some guys make mistakes along the way.

It is important to plan your proposal carefully. Whether you want it to be a simple or grand affair, it always pays to know about common mistakes made so you can avoid them and make the proposal unforgettable. Here are some proposal blunders to avoid:

Proposing Without the Ring

The engagement ring completes the proposal. It is the symbol of your commitment to share and live the rest of your lifewith the woman you love most. There are many different options when it comes to engagement rings, and Marinelli Jewelers recommends asking her family and friends to figure out if she has certain preferences.

Asking Her in the Wrong Place

Location is an important aspect you should never disregard. Proposals are unforgettable not just because of the gimmicks planned; where you ask the question adds to the magic. Everything in it—the sights, sounds, and smell of the place—can make your proposal extra special. Choose where to ask her very carefully because it can make the difference.

Not Telling Her Family

Marriage is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. This is why leaving her immediate family out of the picture can be a huge mistake. Inform special people in her life about your intentions. If possible, get their help and connive with them to surprise the special woman in your life.

Not Planning What To Do Next

Apart from planning the buildup to the question, you also have to know what to do after she answers. You have to be prepared for anything that might happen. Many suggest making it simple so there are no awkward feelings, especially if you are proposing in a public place.

Popping the question is perhaps one of the hardest challenges any man can ever face. It is a test of how far you can go to show how much you love her. Getting down on one knee opens up a lifetime of possibilities, so do it right.