Woman undergoing braces fittingPeople with crooked or misaligned teeth feel the need to wear braces to improve their smile. If you think that you need an orthodontic treatment, a dentist can help determine if braces are right for you. A consultation will also let you know about the different types of braces and which one can work best for your situation.

Young and Adult Patients

Braces are more effective on kids and teens, but there is no reason that adults cannot wear them to straighten their teeth. The good news is, it is never late to talk to an orthodontist about the possibility of getting your teeth aligned. Keep in mind, however, that the treatment time for adults is much longer than younger patients. This is because kids have softer and growing bones that respond well to braces.

Metal Braces vs Invisalign

The right choice of braces will depend on the problem with your teeth. Conventional metal braces can address minor to severe alignment issues but are extremely noticeable. Invisible aligners (Invisalign) are ideal for gaps and overcrowding. Invisalign providers in Paddington note that they are the better alternative to metal braces, as they don’t use wires and brackets.

Duration of Treatment

The length of the treatment may also depend on the severity of the problem and the type of braces chosen. If you decide to wear them as preparation for a special occasion like wedding, ask your dentist about the most suitable treatment. This is especially true if you’re concerned about how your teeth will look in photos or typical situations. You should also know that the treatment may take longer if you don’t follow instructions (particularly for removable braces).

There are many pros and cons to wearing braces. It is common for patients to get frustrated, especially if there are no visible improvements or progress. Some braces today also cost more, especially for modern and discreet alternatives. These disadvantages or inconveniences, however, are nothing compared to the result, which is a straight and a healthy smile that can last a lifetime.