Man eating chips and cookiesThe British Dental Association (BDA) advised people, particularly children, that eating chips are less harmful to their teeth than dried fruit such as raisins.

BDA spokesperson Ben Atkins said that dried fruit snacks do more damage because of their gluey texture, which is almost similar to sticking sugar on your teeth. On the other hand, crisps that have no added sugar are “totally fine,” although it is still best to avoid these two snacks, Atkins noted.


People should also be careful in their choice of snacks, as finding an emergency dentist in Enfield and other parts of Greater London may be difficult due to certain National Health Service (NHS) problems. Damien Walmsley, a BDA scientific advisor, suggested that people are better off in limiting snacks in between meals.

That’s because the bacteria in our mouth produce acid as we eat and cause tooth decay, although signs will not immediately manifest themselves. However, the sugar content in some snacks will hasten that process, Walmsley added.

Healthy Snacks

Fresh fruit and raw vegetables such as tangerines, bananas, cucumber and carrot sticks are some of the healthy alternatives for a snack, according to the NHS. Dried fruit, however, should only be part of a meal as a dessert.

By observing healthy snack habits, parents can prevent their children to lose teeth from extractions. A Royal College of Surgeons report showed that extractions among children under five years old rose by 24 per cent in the last 10 years. As it turns out, it’s never too early for toddlers to see a dentist like Cuffley Village Dental Practice for the first time.


What you eat often determines the state of your oral health. Hygiene also plays a role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Ask your dentist when you are unsure if a particular fruit does more harm than good.