blog failureLack of traffic is not the main reason company blogs fail. In fact, even those that generate significant traffic tend to miss the mark. For the most part, failure is attributed to the simple things about your blogging habits, strategy, and goals.

Read on to learn why your blog is failing and what you can do about it.

It Doesn’t Allow Feedback

Some blogs do not allow comments because they fear what readers might say. Comments, however, are an important part of a blog. They help build an online community, pave the way for strong relationships with readers, and get potential customers to notice you. Always keep the comments open and reply to feedback.

It’s Inconsistent

You can only reap the rewards of blogging if you publish content frequently and consistently. According to studies, companies blogging 20 times a month generate five times more traffic than those who post fewer content. Producing good content regularly creates a successful blog.

It Lacks Content Variety

Instead of just posting articles every single day, use infographics, videos, guest blogs, or even product reviews. Give your readers an assortment of things and a reason to return. Encourage them to sign upforemail updates in exchange of video tutorials or free content.

It’s Unshareable

Even if you have a great content that people love, if will not live up to its potential if you do not give readers a way to share it. SEO companies and agencies suggest including relevant sharing buttons on your posts. Just make not to overwhelm readers with all sorts of social media buttons. Include only those that readers are most likely to use.

Its Content is Not Valuable

Give readers something they need if you want your blog to succeed. Put yourself in their shoes and think like they do. Thinking like your clients can help you create a solid foundation of resources for your readers. Do not just focus on selling your products; provide content that focuses on the problems faced by your audience.

Get the attention your blog deserves by avoiding these mistakes. Don’t forget to be consistent with your blogging habits to reach and exceed your goals.