asbestos homeAs an American, you are probably well aware of how dangerous asbestos can be. Just a few decades ago, people found out that long term exposure to it can cause lung diseases, and that set off a massive panic. We don’t use it in construction anymore, but there is not much we can do about the properties that already have them.

Even now, there are countless homes throughout the country where this dangerous material lies in wait. Disturbing the fibers can put the residents at risk, which is why it is important to take this problem seriously.

Why You Should Postpone that Renovation Project

If you live in an older home and suspect that it might contain asbestos, you may want to hold off on renovating – at least, not until you get a certified asbestos testing company to take a look at it first. Otherwise, you are essentially going in blind.

Remodeling projects are the most common way for homeowners to disturb asbestos fibers. It requires extensive breaking down of walls, tiles, and more. Eventually, you are almost guaranteed to hit asbestos somewhere. So put down that hammer, and wait until you are sure that your project won’t put the family at risk.

Damage from other causes

Of course, renovations aren’t the only way for asbestos to enter the air. Any significant form of damage in your home’s structure can do the job as well. When a natural disaster or major accident happens and wrecks parts of your house, it might have already disturbed the asbestos. This is something you have to deal with before ordering repairs.

What you should do

Although leaving asbestos alone is the ideal solution, sometimes you have no real choice. Like we mentioned before, testing for its presence in your home and then hiring an expert to remove it will be the only way to stay safe. It might be troublesome, but the peace of mind you get will be worth it.