AnxietyScars of emotional abuse are hard to alleviate. The marks of violence may heal, but when the damage is done subconsciously, it can affect one’s personality as a whole. So, does this act can be prosecuted?

In Australia, emotional abuse is defined as a non-physical form of affliction. It can have devastating psychological effects, which are challenging to eradicate. It covers several types of behaviour, including intimidation, isolation, manipulation and more. The legislation states that emotional abuse is prosecutable for persons 18 years or over.

Examples of Emotional Abuse

Solicitors in Townsville explained that “…marriage or relationship problems are never an easy obstacle, be it physically, emotionally, or legally.” As a legal guide, it is better to outline what constitutes as emotional abuse. The paperwork can only tell people so much. So, what are real-life examples that individuals can relate to?

• Stopping a spousal partner from contacting family and friends
• Constant insults aimed at spousal partner with the aim of shaming, belittling and humiliating
• Monitoring a partner’s location
• Lying to children in order to turn them against their partner

Emotional abuse can take many forms apart from these four. When it results in heightened anxiety, general fear or unexplained behaviour, it may stem from emotional abuse.

Can You Take It to Court?

It can be prosecuted, even more so that the new family law act explicitly details the actions that are considered emotional abuse. It is now illegal to cut people off from their family or refuse financial support. A breach of these terms and committing a host of other actions can be taken to court.

Based on a survey, both men and women suffer from this kind of abuse. The number is actually disconcerting. With more than 50% of the female respondents, it’s safe to assume that many people just let it pass.

One of the worst things a victim can do is think that it will pass. From the same study, it is unlikely that an appalling behaviour can just dissipate. Do not wait until it is too late to consult a lawyer.