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A Quick Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, among other items in your home, can be difficult to clean. You have to employ different cleaning methods to deal with spills, crumbs, pet fur, pet urine and a host of other carpet contaminants. When you use the right method, you may reduce the effort it

Labor’s ‘Australian First’ Ad: A Lesson for Marketing in Multicultural Australia

The Labor Party’s Australian First advertisement was under the spotlight recently. Although the ad featured one Asian woman in a group of 12, accusations arose that the ad was not diverse enough, especially for such a multicultural country. Whether you are a media marketer or are hiring the

Studies Reveal Increased Cancer Risk from Tritium Exposure

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen used in nuclear research, energy generation, and weapons manufacturing. While it occurs naturally on earth and in space, it is extremely rare. Since its discovery in 1934 by Ernest Rutherford, many eminent scientists have contributed to discovering its characteristics. Later

Pets and Owners: Preparing for the End

Death is such an important topic, but it’s what most people avoid talking about. Who could blame them anyway, especially when it means the end of life and the start of grieving for those who will be left behind? No one can escape death and the pain

4 Common Skatepark Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The rise in the number of skaters in the United States has seen a bigger demand for safe places for people to skate. However, skate park design can be an intimidating process. Most people charged with building public, or sometimes even private, skate parks often do not

Worried About Your Child’s Speech Development? Try this 25-Word Test

Researchers from the Child Institute at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania have revealed the list of 25 words your two-year-old child should know. Considered the building blocks of a child’s vocabulary, these 25 “must-have” or must-know words have become a device to test the speech development of

Denied Mortgage Application? Here’s What to Do

When it comes to a home purchase, many buyers cannot pay in full cash and end up turning to mortgage lenders. If you're one of them, getting turned down can be one of your biggest nightmares. In case a lender denies your application, it is not the

What Parts of Your House are Vulnerable to Burglars?

Certain parts of your home are more vulnerable to burglars than others, determining which ones will keep your property safe. Experts generally agree on the following places where you need to install security systems to deter thieves from breaking and entering. Front Door The front door may seem like

Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse : 4 Ways to Do It

The challenge of home buying can be extremely tiring and terrifying, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. Oftentimes, many homeowners just go with the first option they see, but that shouldn’t always be the case. To help simplify the process and get the most

Sad Water Pollution Facts in the United States

Early 2016, the state of Michigan declared a state of emergency after the drinking water of Flint had been discovered to be contaminated with lead. At least 15 percent of hotspot residents, mostly children, had dangerous lead levels in their bloodstream, increasing their risk of long-term brain