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Branching Out: The Many Uses of Wood for Society

Wood has been around since the olden days, serving as a material for building homes or furniture, fuel for heating or cooking, and other practical uses. Until now, it remains a material of choice to people because it is a sustainable resource – as long as trees

Which U.S. Metro Areas are the Most Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks?

A cyber-attack is more likely to happen in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the U.S., according to an analysis of 55 cities. Businesses in the city are particularly vulnerable to online threats, based on the metro area’s weak digital infrastructure and unprotected networks. Memphis, Tenn., and

Saving Rainwater During the Dry Season

Australia has the lowest annual rainfall record compared to other continents in the world. For this reason, water collection and conservation has made tanks an essential part of life in the continent, especially in dry areas where people want to collect and store every drop of rain.

How to Reduce Your Laboratory Water Consumption Effectively

More and more laboratories and companies are looking for ways to go green. Whether it’s buying environment-friendly lab equipment, using safer chemicals, or reusing old boxes, laboratories are now embracing the idea of going green to help save the earth. Here are some tips on how to reduce

3 Things to Think About When Buying Your First Property

Buying a new home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You definitely want everything to go smoothly and of course, you want to acquire the best property in the market. There are many things you can do to make sure that the house you’ll buy is the

4 Best Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Farmland

The recent move by the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates on agricultural loans is an unwelcome development. Experts say that lenders are likely to require more valuable assets as collateral when extending credit. While many AG land interest rates are still highly competitive without unreasonable requirements, Farm Mortgage Loan noted

How to Make Sure You Don’t Overspend in Home Renovations

Nearly 8.4 million out of 13.6 million homeowners in Australia renovated their houses in 2016, according to Roy Morgan Research. These renovations could amount from 500 AUD to as much as 9,000 AUD. If you’re one of those who also want to renovate but aren’t willing to spend too much,

What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses lasers to change the surface of an object by cutting a cavity in the material. Sometimes it can be used to reveal an image or writing which is noticeable to the naked eye. This technique is a subset

4 Signs that Say Global Warming is Real

Global warming is currently one of humankind’s biggest concerns. Awareness of this global specter has led concerned citizens to shift to and advocate the use of clean energy solutions, if only to minimize carbon footprint. From solar panels to wind turbines which harness renewable energy, and consequently,

4 Practical Tips When Choosing a House

Looking through several homes for sale is not as easy as everyone thinks it would be. No house can meet everyone’s expectations. That’s why most brokers in Rockport, Texas tell homebuyers to be more realistic and learn how to compromise, especially if they’re looking for a place to settle