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Australia’s Start-Up Hubs: 4 Hot Spots for Starting a New Business

Launching a start-up can be both rewarding and lucrative, that prompted many to start striving for the next big thing. Some young entrepreneurs have quickly experienced promising results, but others with limited resources have learned the hard way. In Australia, there are a great number of thriving

Recruitment Alternatives: Don’t Just Depend on the Resume

While resumes can help you learn more about a candidate’s skill and knowledge, it shouldn’t be your main source for evaluating an applicant’s qualifications. In most cases, resumes contain inaccuracies and won’t help you learn about an individual’s behaviour or personality fully. Here are some great alternatives

Mt. Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins In “Forgotten” Wallet

Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin exchange service in Tokyo, Japan, announced Friday, March 21, that it discovered 200,000Bbitcoins in a “forgotten” wallet, a week after the company filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy On February 28, Mt. Gox, the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange service, filed for bankruptcy protection. The Tokyo-based

Line Reaches $15bn Value With Cute Icons

Tokyo-based messaging application, Line, has reached a $15 billion value by getting smartphone users to pay for teddy bears, wicked witches, and other cute icons. Potential IPO The messaging app has grown to over 370 million subscribers since it was introduced in 2011. After Facebook announced its