Japanese GirlJapan is a dream for many people. It is a country that quickly progressed due to its constant development in technology. It is a place where culture and modernisation grow beautifully together. It is both a career and a retirement goal.

Many people think that entering Japan as a foreigner is difficult due to the high cost of living and the country’s preference for nationals when it comes to careers. Though the second part may have been true for the longest time, the country is starting to open up its doors to external sources. Going after the Japanese dream is becoming possible.

Real Estate Investments

With the country’s large population and small land area, people believed that it is difficult to get a property in Japan. Unknown to many, Japanese developers like Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. branched out their offices to other countries to welcome new investors. They offer information and assistance on the affordable yet quality real estate locations around the country. Japan’s regulations are also friendly enough for foreigners to adapt to the environment.

Engineering and IT Job Opportunities

Being the land associated with technology, professions in this industry are also becoming in-demand. This includes automotive, electronics, heavy manufacturing, robotics, and even digital marketing. The Japanese’s constant use of devices and the Internet, alongside with the vast export industry, opens up great opportunities for this trade. Despite Japan’s rule on prioritising its citizens, the wide market created a demand for foreign skills.

Entertainment Industry

From the well-known anime industry to modelling, Japan’s entertainment industry is constantly on a roll. This requires pure talent and good connection with the right agencies and people, though, if you are to have a well-paying career. Some producers actually outsource anime materials to other countries, which is a good start. The movie and music industry also welcome foreign acts occasionally. Pretty faces have more chance with the country’s modelling business, due to Japanese advertisers’ continuous demand for new image models.

Japan continually fulfils its moniker as the Land of the Rising sun with its numerous opportunities. From a country once labelled as highly discriminating due to its employment rules, it opens it opportunities to people aspiring for the Japanese dream.