male haircutAsk any man to make a list of the most challenging things they have to do on a regular basis, and there’s a good chance that “pick a new hairstyle at the barber shop” would rank high there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in London, Australia or the United States – it’s a problem for men everywhere. It’s a given, though; men aren’t naturally inclined to pay attention to the factors that determine whether or not a particular hairstyle would suit them. a quick guide that can perhaps serve as a starting point for men. It should make subsequent trips to the barber less awkward, at least.

Discipline and financial capacity to maintain a specific hairstyle – This entails going to the barbers a certain number of times to “keep” the look. This could also mean spending extra on styling products, which can be quite costly, using tools such as a hair dryer or electric shaver, and, of course, having haircuts on a regular schedule.

Face shape – Typical facial shapes are triangular, square, diamond, heart, oblong, oval or round. Not all haircuts go well with all face shapes. Choose a haircut that can accentuate your assets and diminish your flaws.

Fashion preferenceHow “good” a hairstyle would look on a man also depends on his choice of clothing. A man who likes to dress up in formal clothes, for example, should not be sporting a multi-coloured mohawk.

Profession – These days, a lot of companies are more open-minded about hairstyle rules within office premises, so it’s not unusual to see your typical office worker sporting a rather modern or youthful haircut. But, you should consider whether your chosen haircut would affect how clients would perceive you and your credibility.

A bonus piece of advice: find a celebrity hairstyle or look you’d like to use as reference. Good luck and choose well!