heating and cooling servicesChoosing a contractor to install your brand new furnace or air conditioning system is more important than most homeowners think it really is. You need a reliable and skilled professional who can install the unit properly and help you maintain it. No matter how great the quality of your system is, sometimes it all goes to waste if installation is not carried out as properly as possible.

Here are a few insights as to how to select the right contractor for your needs.

Ask Around and Check Certifications

It’s always a good start if you already know a good HVAC contractor. If not, ask your friends or relatives if they know someone in the area that they can recommend. Air Specialty Heating and Air Conditioning says it’s best to make sure the contractor is an Energy Star partner or has in-depth experience working with major HVAC brands like Carrier, American Standard, York, Goodman, and Honeywell, among others.

Avoid Over the Phone Estimates

Quotes over the phone are often a bad sign because contractors should personally check the job they need to accomplish to evaluate it thoroughly. Knowledgeable estimators will survey your home and base their estimate on a heat-load or cooling-load calculation.

Up-to-Date Knowledge

A well-trained contractor won’t discourage you to buy updated and highly efficient equipment. Surprisingly, there are contractors out there that don’t keep up with the latest available technology. Therefore, they discourage clients from buying new designs, which are better, just because they don’t know how to install them.

Get Multiple Estimates

Find multiple contractors to make estimates of your HVAC installation or repair needs. Be mindful because the lowest estimate isn’t always the best. You should carefully evaluate the contractors and why they made their offers. Be cautious about exceedingly low estimates because there might be additional fees later on or they may be using old, unreliable equipment.

Dependable contractors are consistent, courteous, prompt, and professional. Observe the way they treat you and how much they know about your specific HVAC needs. Think of your decisions multiple times before sealing the deal.