a smiling obstetrician Pregnancy is an exciting journey but can be scary, especially for first-time mothers. Before the nine-month journey overwhelms you, it is important to know that your health is critical at this time and you should be at your best. To ensure a safe and manageable pregnancy, a doctor in Provo can assist you during your pregnancy period.

Obstetricians, family doctors, and midwives are the three most common medical professionals who people turn to for pregnancy. Is there a difference between these three and which one is right for you?


By training, obstetricians are health experts who deal with high-risk pregnancies. High-risk pregnancies encompass pregnancies when the mother has a condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The span of checkup with an obstetrician is throughout your pregnancy until you are six weeks postpartum.


Midwives have undergone training to handle low-risk pregnancies. The midwives can also perform tests that pertain pregnancy on mothers. The distinguishing factor with midwives is that they offer postpartum care up to 6 months after delivery. Postpartum care is important for the continued well-being of a mother and their child after delivery.

Family Doctors

Family doctors offer generalized medical care, and that includes maternity care. Family doctors can offer medical care before, during, and after pregnancy for both the mother and baby. Unlike midwives and obstetricians who come in after pregnancy, family doctors will help you prepare for your pregnancy. There is no limit as to when you should stop seeing a family doctor. A family doctor is available in any instance you need any medical attention.

Regardless of the care provider you choose, the best pregnancy doctor in Provo for you should offer consistent care that guarantees good health for you and that of your child. A good care provider will support you before, throughout, and after the pregnancy journey.