Classy and SexyMini dresses are the perfect choice for women who want a chic and sexy look. Although this is the case, these garments also have a bad reputation for being too revealing. This is especially true if the dresses are worn improperly or if they are paired with the wrong make up or accessories. This is why it is important to wear them carefully and choose a style that suits your figure.

Talulah shares the rules of wearing mini dresses while still looking classy and chic:

Too Short and Too Tight

A short dress is perfectly fine if you want to show off your beautiful legs. It is important, however, not to wear an extremely tight mini dress, as it can attract all the wrong attention. Choose a short dress with volume on the bottom part like a flared mini dress or sheaths.

The Main Attraction

Wearing a short dress often means showing a lot of skin, with your legs being the main attraction. Avoid wearing a busy up do or attention-grabbing makeup, as it will make your outfit look busy. Keep your accessories to a minimum and just let your legs shine. The most acceptable accessory is a pair of stilettos or pumps that will only serve to elongate your legs even more.

Too Much Skin

Wearing a low-cut mini dress is rarely flattering, except when out at the club. Showing off cleavage with a short dress is just too much, as it can attract negative attention. It is fine to show off your shoulders and arms, but don’t go beyond those body parts.

The Length Matters

Mini dresses are available in a variety of lengths. If you are tall, choose mid-high or knee-length dresses, especially if you want to wear it with high heels. If you are a little short, however, a shorter length is good choice, as it can make you look taller. It is still important to experiment with different lengths to choose the best one that flatters your figure and sense of style.

Create a chic and flattering look by following these fashion rules. Shop for the right mini dress and pair with great shoes and simple accessories to match.