CoffeeIf your dentist tells you to dump coffee for whiter teeth, he may be thinking the old way. That is, before researchers start waving their findings, this caffeinated culprit is more than just a stain that you should ditch.

There are many studies that disprove this notion. These findings don’t change the fact that coffee tarnishes your teeth, of course, so you will still want to preserve your smile and maybe get a regular tooth whitening, Highlands Ranch dental practitioners say. But let this be in your oral health commandments, “Thou shalt not deny thyself coffee.”

Coffee vs. Periodontal Disease

According to a Boston University research, a cup of coffee helps protect your teeth from periodontal disease. The researchers studied more than a thousand men for up to 30 years. The results shown that those who drank one or more cups each day had fewer teeth with bone loss that leads to periodontal disease. The disease targets the tissues that surround and support the teeth and eventually lead to tooth loss.

The antioxidant in coffee explains how a cup of espresso can save your mouth. Study author, Raul Garcia, D.M.D., says antioxidants are ‘muting’ the body’s inflammatory processes that normally harm the gum and the jawbone supporting the teeth.

Less Acid in Coffee

The British Journal of Nutrition reported that most drinks, except coffee, strongly weaken the teeth’s enamel. Coffee is not as acidic as other common beverages like energy drinks, sodas, and fruit juices. Too much acid slowly erodes the protective shell of your teeth that makes it sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks.

Coffee vs. Dental Plaque

In Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University, scientists used extracted baby teeth as test samples. The milk teeth were dipped in Coffea canephora extracts, the bean that makes up 30% of all coffee beans in the world. They found that coffee breaks down bacterial biofilms that causes dental plaque.

Loving coffee? You have more reasons to enjoy your cup and nothing to fear when it comes to oral care. So drink up!