Woman feeling coldSpring and summer are the traditional wedding seasons, but if you are thinking of holding a seasonal wedding ceremony, why not pick winter? Here are reasons to celebrate your big day during the cold season.

Less Rain

The wet season in Australia usually starts in November and ends around March. While rain can add drama to wedding photos, it can also compromise your dress, leaving it with little spatters of rainwater. It is unsightly, and it will ruin your beloved wedding outfit.

More Options for Venues and Dates

You’ll have less competition for the ideal venues since most couples prefer spring or summer weddings. In connection with your venue, you’re also likely to have more options for the celebrant.

Australian couples, over the years have changed their preference for celebrants. In 1902, ministers of religion performed 96.2% of ceremonies. In 1999, civil servants presided over 51.3% of weddings. By 2013, civil servants conducted 72.5% of ceremonies. Overseas, even friends can officiate weddings, further personalising a ceremony.

No matter how different a wedding gets, A Timeless Love reminds couples to meet certain obligations under the Marriage Act 1961 to ensure the marriage is legal and binding.

Perfect Lighting

Many photographers may find it difficult to take photos in direct sunlight, but this cannot be avoided. Overexposure and squinty-eyed photos are common problems in these instances. Though there are ways to fix it, photographers need to set up repeatedly to find the perfect spot. Winter lighting is softer, which sets the mood.

Look Fresh All Day

Your groom would not want to sweat through his clothes on the big day. And you would not want to deal with make-up meltdown during an outdoor ceremony. A winter wedding will save you from worrying about such concerns.

Better weather. Better photos. Less competition for wedding necessities. A winter wedding can be the ideal season for your big day. Think about it.