pharmacyPeople rely on medicines to treat different health problems. Taking the right dosage brings them back to good shape, while the wrong one could make them spend more or even put their health at further risk. Pharmacists are responsible for making sure that such incidents won’t happen.

If you’re planning to get a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from well-known universities in the U.S. like Roseman University of Health Sciences, you have a choice of practice to focus on – hospital or community pharmacy.

Scope of Service

Hospital pharmacists deal with a deeper and wider range of health complications, from the nervous to the reproductive system. As most patients admitted to hospitals suffer from acute and chronic conditions, their clinical knowledge is extensive and more delicate. In most cases, the medicines they supply aren’t available at retail pharmacies.

Community pharmacists, on the other hand, deal with people who are more concerned about promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being. They supply medicines to those who can manage their health conditions at home, such as cough and colds, fever, and stomachaches.


Hospital pharmacists work at health institutions not entirely because of their educational background, but more of the things they learn by working with doctors and nurses. Being in a hospital, every day is a learning experience for them. Community pharmacists, on the other hand, can start a retail pharmacy in their area. They can be their own boss, managing their own time and finances.


Hospital pharmacists usually handle patients who need immediate medication. They don’t have much time to interact when they’re inside their stations, unless there’s no line of people waiting. As such, some hospitals allow them to make patient rounds to make up for it.

Community pharmacists – depending on their locale – aren’t as busy, so they have more opportunities to interact with people. The public is welcome to walk in and talk to pharmacists directly to get a recommendation regarding their symptoms.

The choice between a hospital and community pharmacy depends on the working environment you prefer in the future. All you need is to decide where you are most comfortable.