a modern swimming pool areaA swimming pool can form the central design focus of your backyard. To make it truly stand out, you can opt to experiment with various ideas to create the perfect customized pool. Choosing the best one for you among the available options is a fun and rewarding process.

To ensure you make the best choice, getting a custom pools expert in McKinney is essential. This expert will assess your space vis-Ă -vis your budget and recommend the best customization option for your property. Here are the elements you can customize to create a unique pool.

Interior Finishes​

The interior finish of your pool influences its entire look. Colored concrete and fascinating glass mosaic are the perfect options for adding beauty to your pool. The colored concrete and glass mosaic come in various patterns and geometric shapes, which give you a broad range of customization options.

Pool Size and Shape​

The options for the shapes you can pick for your swimming pool are limitless. Freeform, figure-8 and L-shape pools are currently replacing rectangular and oval ones. These shapes maximize your use of backyard space and allow for the addition of various elements including spa and waterfalls to the indentation of these pool shapes.


Getting the right hue to blend in with the surrounding element of your pool can turn it into a design masterpiece. You can opt for pale or dazzling shades of blue to match your outdoor tiles and backyard floor. You can use dark hues for darker mosaic decorations, which alter your pool’s color. For an ultra-modern pool, you can mix colors and form a unified pattern.

From the above options, you’re sure to find one that best fits your landscape, personality, and budget. You can also choose to go an extra mile and include Jacuzzi, spa, backyard kitchens, and fireplaces. These features will transform your pool area into an entertainment spot.