Laser used in manufacturingThe world has enhanced its technological capability by leaps and bounds since the turn of the century. Lasers, in particular, now play an integral part in one’s everyday life. They now are integral parts of everyday items like DVDs, computers, and speed measurement devices.

Companies like AP Lazer, a provider of laser machines, have expanded a laser’s use to cutting and engraving for the funeral, woodworking, and education industries. As the purposes of lasers continue to evolve, laser cutting has gone a long way in improving the manufacturing process.

The First Lasers: Hi-Tech Samurai Swords

Ever since the popularity of science fiction movies boomed in the late 70s and early 80s — one of the most notable being the Star Wars saga — people have equated laser beams with the ultimate weapons of various fictional universes. For instance, lightsabers, the preferred weapon of Jedi masters and Sith lords alike, could cut through doors, deflect incoming blaster bolts, and take down enemies.

Lasers serve various purposes beyond cutting up lackeys of the Galactic Empire, however. In fact, lasers have more use in industrial applications

Multiple Applications for Various Industries

In the late 60s, diamond mines used laser cutting and drilling technology to retrieve precious gems. Lasers also made its way into the aerospace industry. By the 1980s, there were over 20,000 laser cutting machines worldwide. This made them an equipment staple in the electronics and automotive industries.

Laser cutting is an efficient and reliable process that has helped improve overall manufacturing and production. Some of its benefits include:

  • A non-contact process – Lasers cut material through heat, minimizing potential damage.
  • Low power consumption – In a Smart world, lasers drive up production while lowering costs.
  • Different materials – Lasers can easily cut different materials like wood, fabric, cardboard, and acrylic.
  • High accuracy – Laser cuts guarantee clean cuts with an accurate finish.

Lasers are a valuable business asset because they speed up the manufacturing process while lowering overall costs. As the technology used to manipulate lasers continues to develop, we might finally come full circle and create the distinctive weapon that the Star Wars universe brought to life in our imaginations. But in the meantime, laser cutting technology will be an integral part of many industrial and technological processes.