group of peopleWhen it has come to a point that going to the mall is becoming a bore and gaming arcades have lost their spark, it’s time to go for something else. Yes, there are still many things that can give you and your friends the time of your life.

Zombie VR Dare

Who wants to go first? For sure, you have all those VR boxes lying around somewhere and most of the time, you may have only used it to simulate amusement rides like roller coasters. Why not give it a twist and download scary apps? To be fair, each of you should take turns to make sure everybody gets the scare. Capture everything on video so that you would have a good laugh afterwards. In fact, you can even tap Facebook to hang out with other VR buddies around the world, according to ENGadget.

Scary Haunted House Adventure

After meeting zombies in the 3D world, why not go for the real deal? If you live in Minnesota or anywhere nearby, The Haunting Experience says that you can easily find haunted houses in the area. You can dare your friends to try the real thing, right? For sure, it would be a day you and your friends will not ever forget.

Go Camping

If you feel that you got bored during your last camping trip with your family and relatives, then a friends-exclusive camping trip might do the trick. There are many activities you can do like scavenger hunts, bike riding, and board games. Make sure that you let your parents know where you will be, though. You wouldn’t want to worry them.

A time with friends need not be a bore. That’s why you should try as many activities as possible.