Help Your Child Feel ComfortableChildren are more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities since they haven’t formed a solid dental routine yet. You can teach them and watch them as they brush their teeth, but what they eat in school is beyond your supervision.

This is why it’s very important to guide them and teach them to be comfortable with dentists. Children are afraid of dentists; this shouldn’t be the case at all. Here are some steps to help them overcome dental fear.

Start young

The sooner you get them to the dentist, the better. You want them to feel comfortable with a good family dentist. Do this by taking them at a young age before they develop fear or discomfort. This is the main reason why parents get their children to learn swimming as soon as they can crawl.

The key is to help them get used to the dentist chair. You may want to take them right after their first birthday.

Lead by example

Take them with you on your dental appointments. This way, they will feel that there is nothing to be afraid of. They will think that if mom and dad don’t feel uncomfortable, afraid, or weird around dentists, they shouldn’t as well. Make sure you are not anxious about your own visit, though.

Choose a family dentist

The difference between a normal dentist and a family dentist is the way they work and decorate their clinic. Utah’s Red Cliffs Dental says family dentists promote family friendly practices and aim for pleasant visits. Family dentists understand the anxiety when it comes to dentist appointments, which is why they make the place colorful and comfortable.

It’s not difficult to get your child to like the dentist. Just follow these simple tips and you’re good to go.