Modern style kitchenPlanning a kitchen renovation? You are sure to level up your kitchen furniture with a perfectly up-to-the-minute kitchen bench tops by Caesarstone. Keep in mind that the benchtop is one of the most important features of making a great kitchen. It also helps add value to your property. Remember that investing in a quality countertop is worth every cent. Below are some of the materials used for kitchen benchtops:


This is the cheapest option for your bench top. Until recently it has been the standard benchtop product for most Kiwi homes. Laminate kitchen bench top is the most affordable choice and is cheaper than the natural and engineered stones. It is very versatile which can be customized according to your needs. Laminate is easy to change and does not require special chemicals for cleaning


Generally, a regular quartz benchtop consists of 93% quartz by weight and 7% resin. The quartz kitchen bench top is one of the highest quality bench top products available in the market today. It is stain and scratch resistant. It gives a luxurious appearance unlike any other material and has one of the hardest surfaces, which makes it scratch resistant


Granite kitchen bench tops are made of all-natural stone. Usually, granite is heat, scrapes, and stain resistant and it does not require sealing. These less costly than any other materials and has almost unlimited choices of styles, patterns, and colours.


Marble kitchen bench tops are typically made from limestone and are softer than granite. These are the preferred stone for bathroom installation, as well as floor tiles. This often gives a classic, timeless beauty. Because it is softer than any other stones, marble is less likely to get damaged when cut. It is usually cool. Marble kitchen bench tops are easy to find and are widely available.