Woman flashing her dental veneersHave you always dreamt of a flawless smile, but all you have are chipped, discolored and gap-toothed one? Dental veneers give you an opportunity to improve your smile and your overall confidence. Here are the choices you could ask your cosmetic dentist in Sioux Falls today.


  Also known as traditional veneers, they have a thin ceramic shell which gets permanently bonded to the front side of your teeth. The dentist makes an impression of your original teeth to get something that will complement your facial features. Porcelain veneers last for at least ten years, and 20 years if well taken care of through frequent dental checkups.


This happens to be the strongest yet thinnest dental veneers. They require a relatively easy procedure as they do not require grinding and is not painful for the patient. Additionally, they last for over 20 years with the proper care, and they are reversible if you want to remove them.

Palatal Veneers

These were once made out of gold, but these days people prefer to use porcelain and other materials. They are categorically designed for management of tooth wear and treatment. They are applied to the inside of your upper teeth.

Non–permanent Veneers

These are used before placement of porcelain veneers or when you require removable veneers. They are made from non-permanent materials such as plastic and resin. You can purchase a kit and apply it by yourself at home.

Composite Veneers

Also known as bonded veneers, they are a less durable and more affordable way of improving your smile. They cover your front teeth to create a perfect smile that can last between five and ten years. They, however, require frequent visits to your dentist for proper maintenance.   These are the five options that you have when it comes to dental veneers. However, regardless of the cosmetic dentistry treatment, you should keep a regular check-up with your dentist for the best results.