PillsHealth is wealth, as the old adage goes. Being healthy, however, should not be expensive. Prescription drugs usually come with a high cost, which can eat up your budget if you are not too careful with your spending. If you want to be healthy these days, you must learn how to allocate your expenses.

This is one reason pharmacy discount cards have become more popular lately. Families do not have to pay much when it comes to their prescriptions. They can just present the card and buy medicine they need at a lower price.

Despite these benefits, however, some people are still skeptical about using them. Some even hold wrong notions about these discount cards, which prevents them from making the most of the privileges these cards offer.

Take a look at the following myths surrounding free pharmacy discount cards, and see why you should not believe them:

Pharmacy discount cards are a part of your insurance

There are a few who mistakenly believe that the cards are part of their insurance. The truth is that they are not. This means there are hardly any limitations when using them; everyone is free to use the cards, regardless of their medical history.

You have to pay a certain fee to get discount cards

Discount cards are generally free. There are different organizations, medical institutions, and government bodies that distribute them without asking for anything. If you stumbled upon a website that asks for a fee before you can get the cards, it is probably illegal.

Pharmacy discount cards have an expiration date

Pharmaceutical companies and prescription card distributors have this unique relationship: every time a patient uses a discount card to buy prescription drugs, the drug company will reimburse the discounted amount to the distributor. It makes sense to not put expiration date on the cards, because more people will be able to use them. Check yours if they have any and contact the distributor to learn more.

You cannot use the cards for your pet’s prescriptions

Prescription discount cards apply to anybody, including your pets. Simply present your pet’s prescription along with your card to the pharmacist, and they will know just what to do.

Being healthy and prudent at the same time is not a Herculean task. With prescription discount cards, you can be both. Do away with these misconceptions and you can make the most of their benefits.