Diploma on the tableIt is a relatively common trope that an individual either follows in the footsteps of his parents or stays away from the path expected of them. You see it in movies and TV shows, and even in print. It is reflective of real life, to some degree.

When it comes to choosing a specialisation in college, what you have been exposed to play a role in your final choice:

A Technology-Dependent Society

Those born into a time or setting that is entirely dependent on technology will not find it strange to go into the IT sector or related courses at James Cook University Singapore. At an early age, you may develop a fascination for computers, whether your focus is on hardware or software. The Internet of Things is also one topic that could pique someone’s interest, while others may be more into cybersecurity because their favourite character was in a similar job.

A Math-based Curriculum

Singapore is known for its education system that takes a different approach to teaching English and Mathematics. Children excel in these areas, and it is almost expected that Singaporeans will be good at them. Parents want nothing less for their children, so they start them off at a young age. As a future parent, you will want to be knowledgeable about these areas to impart knowledge to your children.

A Multi-Cultural Nation

You want to be fluent in English if you want opportunities in other places. Even foreigners choosing to study in Singapore are amazed by the proficiency in English by locals. Much emphasis is put on speaking English correctly that you will have plenty of job opportunities if you complete a degree that is related to it. It is not just English that is important in Singapore, however. They also enlist the help of native speakers of other languages, such as Mandarin, to prepare children for cultural changes and switches.

Technology, languages, business–there are plenty of paths to choose from when you go to university. What you do not know is that you have been considering your options for years.