Oral Dental CareStraight teeth are a prerequisite for a lovely and dazzling smile. While some people have their genetics to thank for a beautiful set of teeth, others have orthodontics. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than 4 million American depend on braces to straighten their teeth.

While braces are effective in fixing overcrowding, most patients are eager to be rid of them. Therefore, you might notice a crestfallen face when you inform a patient that they need bonded wire retainers to make the changes permanent. Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab offers solutions to this below.

Explain the value of the retainers

Depending on the severity of overcrowding, it takes a couple of years to straighten out the teeth. Most people think that once the teeth straighten out, the change is permanent. In fact, this could be the only thing that keeps them going amidst the disadvantages that come with wearing braces.

However, you need to remind them that teeth are forever shifting in response to the biting force in the jaws. As a result, there’s a great possibility of them falling out of alignment with time. Letting this happen undoes all the benefits raked from wearing braces all those years.

Explain the care routine

Don’t just get on with the procedure and send the patient on their merry way. Instead, take a moment and show them how to cope with and care for the bonded retainers. Doing so lowers the anxiety and the need to feel in the dark when the patient gets home.

The permanent nature of the wires makes flossing a tad tricky, and most people initially struggle with oral hygiene. Allaying these fears can put your patients at ease and mellow any hardliner stance they may have adopted.

After years of wearing them, most people are keen to be rid of braces and to show off their perfect teeth. As a result, they tend to blanch at the thought of having to endure bonded retainers, but you can talk them through the benefits.