Senior Care Facility Before, it was little you. Now, the tables have turned, and your parents are now the ones being stubborn. It’s a frustrating reality many adult children face: aging parents who don’t listen. You have the best intentions for their health and safety, say, suggesting that you move them to an assisted living community in Utah, but it seems as though they want to distance themselves from you as much as they can. What do you do in such situations? While every situation is unique, here are some general advice to get encouragement from:

Understand Where They’re Coming From

It’s important to know exactly what’s making them behave like this. In many cases, they’re not just being stubborn; it might be a manifestation of a health condition like dementia. So, in some cases, it’s not that they don’t listen, but they just couldn’t recall what you said, and therefore not able to act on it.

Dementia’s early signs are indifference and withdrawal, which explains why they’re distancing themselves from you. If indeed your loved one is suffering dementia, it’s best to get assisted living services offered by facilities like the Legacy House of Park Lane in Farmington. These can help them follow through daily routines, such as taking medicines, eating properly, and keeping them in a social group.

Ask Them a Favor

Aging parents tend to feel like they’re already worthless, given that they’re experiencing health and mobility issues. So, sometimes they don’t feel the need to be helped anymore. In this case, try to do a different approach.
Instead of suggesting things that would help them, ask them to do things for you or their grandchildren. You might want to say, “Dad, can you promise you’ll quit smoking because secondhand smoke is bad for your grand kids.” This way, you can also give them a sense of purpose for staying healthy.

Find a Support Group

It can get on your nerves communicating with parents who won’t listen. If you bottle this negative feeling up, it might lead to serious health consequences or worse, conflicts with your mom or dad that would completely ruin your relationship with them. Keep that from happening by finding a group who can listen to you when you let those feelings out.

Dealing with parents who don’t listen is frustrating, and many times, heartbreaking. Take these pieces of advice the next time you communicate with your parents.