Toyota CorollaItalian automobiles are renowned for being flamboyant. Germans, on the other hand, opted for maximum efficiency. Their vehicles, however, are outrageously complex. It’s only when the Toyota came into the scene was there a balance in manufacturing a car.

Thanks to the founders of Toyota, cars that get it right on form and function are readily available. Recently, the company upped their stake in the hatchback market by releasing the Yaris. It sold quite well in Europe and Asia.

Throughout the years, this Japanese car maker has released cars that became legends. The renowned Toyota dealers in Miami recently compiled the automobiles that racked up famous reputations:

Toyota Corolla

The verdict is still out for the newer adaptation, but older Corollas are known to break the 200,000-mile barrier. Of course, regular maintenance is needed to make it last as long as it should. It provided a massive return considering its low price of $16,000 when it was first released.

Toyota Hilux

The sixth generation of this pick-up was seen as the toughest, manliest car. It performed great on roads, but off it, its rear suspension setup comes to life. You can take it to the rockiest terrains or muddiest surface and come out of it easy.

Toyota 86

Before this was released, it was rare to see a low-priced sports car that was so loved. Toyota followed up their 2000GT, which was a James Bond car, with the 86. In America, it was renamed to the Scion FR-S. Nevertheless, it was a superb choice for regular car owners and gearheads.

Its several Car of the Year platitudes serve as testaments to how good this creation was. Some even called it the perfect dad car.

Toyota Mirai

This is new. The Mirai didn’t make waves with is design or engineering. Nevertheless, its fuel cell technology might well be the future of cars, rather than the electric-hybrid models of today. It will be sold in California, where there’s an abundance of hydrogen refueling centers. Soon enough, if technology continues its growth, we’ll be using Mirai or Mirai-inspired vehicles.

It’s always good advice to put Toyota in your first choices. Most of their creations are practical, easy to configure, and it could spur your love of automobiles.