Holding handsWriters can be messy, simply because they race against time and their fleeting ideas to create masterpieces. If that writer happens to be your wife who also suffers from compulsive hoarding, you benefit from doing her little favours that she’ll love you for.

A City of Papers

Marrying her means one day, you will wake up to find a mini city of papers in your house. They consist of drafts and research materials she needs to work efficiently. Once this city starts growing, do her a favour and suggest self-storage.

Writers act as their own editors before their works reach an actual editor’s desk. They print numerous copies of drafts to simplify the task of spotting grammatical errors. This means nearly every working day for your wife, she might add a pile to her existing stack. Self-storage provides the extra space she needs to stock much needed documents. It also prevents that city from invading the rest of your house.

A  Treasury of Books

Books pose another challenge. She might refuse to put them in any storage apart from the house, especially if she has trouble identifying which books she would and would not need in the near future. Instead of fighting with her, put your carpentry skills into practice by installing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and maximising available space like the one under the stairs. Make an agreement with her to put two books in the storage for every new book she buys. Little steps to remedy her compulsive-hoarding disorder.

A Time of Silence

She’ll clean up eventually, especially if she knows you require it. But never nag her. Your wife’s workspace may be messy to you, but it presents an organised pattern in her mind that helps her find answers to her questions. Leaving her alone and giving her the initiative to clean tells her that you trust her ability to look after herself in spite of her mad genius.

Most writers find it difficult to let go of drafts, research material and books due to sentimental value or the mental security they provide. Hoarding becomes second-nature to them. Compulsive-hoarding, however, should be remedied with care, especially since her artistic side might protest to the idea of letting go.