beauty of adding tinted windowModern home security features are not exactly what you can consider as pieces of artwork. Homeowners value them because of the advanced security measures they give, and not because of how they look or add to the visual appeal of their home. In fact, home security systems today are not even made to be noticeable. The less conspicuous they are, the better they get to protect residences.

This does not mean, however, that you should forego adding to the aesthetics of your home if you are trying to improve your security measures. There are ways to protect your property from burglars and thieves without compromising its visual appeal. Read the following to find out:

No Window for Opportunity

It is easy for burglars to steal something from your property if they know exactly where it is. Open windows or those without blinds or screens at all makes it more convenient for them to plan their break-in. So, cover up your windows at all times, especially if you are going to be away for a long time. In Perth, homeowners use window tinting to prevent outsiders from having a peek inside their homes.

Up the Fences

Fences do not only protect your home from trespassers, but they also make great canvasses. You can choose from the extensive range of colour schemes available. If you are feeling a bit more creative, create your own artworks using the fences as your slate. Choose the best material that suits your living requirements.

Giving Light

Lighting fixtures are also effective for protecting your property, as they do not give trespassers a chance to move around unnoticed. A well-lit home discourages burglars from even attempting to step into your yard. Experiment with different shades to flesh out the best features of your landscape while you are it.

It does not take much to improve the security level of your home and increase its visual appeal at the same time. With careful planning and an eye for details, you can make your property nice to look at but extremely difficult to break into.