GelatoFrom being a dessert to an all-season snack, gelato has proven itself as this year’s top favorite. Customers are spoilt for choice, thanks to the dizzying array of gelato flavors available in many specialty ice cream and dessert shops.

For those of you wondering what’s the difference between an ice cream and a gelato, “slowly but surely” is the operative phrase. A gelato is slowly churned, made from fresh ingredients, and has more milk compared to an ice cream. It also has less air making it susceptible to faster spoilage, according to Here are some trends that have become famous in 2017 in the gelato production space:

Rose Gelato

No, it’s not made of rose, and no rose is included in the ingredients. The rose gelato that graced thousands of Instagram feeds earlier this year is due to some pop-up stores from the U.S. to Australia that were selling scoops of gelato in the shape of roses. According to Delish, the rose shape was achieved by using a flat ice cream scoop to create its petals.

Surprising Flavors

Pepperoni gelato, anyone? Ingredients you wouldn’t think you’d find in a gelato are making waves in the food scene, following in the footsteps of the bacon-chocolate tandem and salted everything trend. Though the trend started two years ago in Europe, this bold experimentation continues to remain strong today.

Spiked Gelato

Alcohol has always been incorporated into food since the dawn of time. Gelato-focused website Why Gelato notes that frozen desserts and alcoholic drinks are a good mix. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can use. Gelatos with Cointreau and Bailey’s are pretty popular, but gelato fans would be surprised at how merlot or champagne-flavored gelato tastes just as good.

Due to its immense popularity, gelatos are no longer optional at parties and gatherings—they’re a must-have! Fortunately, there are some ice cream manufacturers and catering services that offer gelato catering packages in Utah. Don’t be left behind with this year’s biggest trend: Surprise your guests by adding gelato on the menu.